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Adventures In Time And Weather

Most of us are more blessed than we know. 
It’s in our nature to be aware of what we lack but, with practice, we can change our awareness.
 This isn’t a How To sort of book though, it’s an invitation to take a walk, through a year in which some things go right and some don’t. Set in Cornwall, England, this is the true story of a coffee addled writer learning that practicing mindfulness by paying attention to the present moment is what fulfils life's potential.

Other works in progress: 
There are several, in various stages of production. 
Too busy writing to add much here at the moment!

One of them starts a bit like this:

1971: The Untucked Thumb

This is forty miles away from home, a road sign tells her.
‘Launceston.’ Anya mouths the words. ‘40m.’
She grips the edges of her coat and pulls the thin fabric across her body. It has taken them one hour to get here in a car that rattled like a box of bones.
-Surely this revolution moves faster than forty miles an hour?
‘Won’t be long,’ Frank tells her, ‘get your thumb stuck out. If you just stand around you’ll miss your chance; you got to tell them you need a ride. Here we go!’ 
Headlights flash up a picture: a solid looking man, a skittish girl disappearing into her coat. Everything else is dark foliage and night sky.The car passes.
‘You could always do your coat up, you know.’
‘Yeah.’ Anya smiles, and bites her lip, peering down to find each button. 

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